Homemade Canine TreatsCANINE TURKEY & RICE

Developed by Deborah O'Toole

Using a steamer with an overhead basket, add rice to the base with water and a pinch of salt. Place ground turkey in the basket and then return basket over the base. Cook for twenty to thirty minutes covered; allow the dish to cool before handling. Chop the turkey into bite-sized pieces, and mix in with the rice. Stir in the ground vitamins, mix well.


Aroma Elite SteamerWhisk the eggs in a microwave-safe bowl. Add one tablespoon of milk; whisk again. Cook in microwave in thirty-second increments, stirring each time, until light and fluffy. Chop cooked eggs and fold into meat and rice mixture.


Since the turkey is cooked over the rice, juices from the meat also flavor the dish, which dogs love. Serve to canines tepid; refrigerate unused portions.


Note: I use an Aroma Elite Steamer (also known as rice cookers) to cook the meat and rice, and a mortar and pestle to grind down the vitamins.


Meat Substitutions: Ground chicken, or chicken breast, steamed until fully cooked and then cut into bite-sized pieces.


Yummy in the Canine Tummy!


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