Ticking Down

Posted Tue, 12/30/08

I say it every year, but where has all the time disappeared to?

I'm sticking to my preferred mode of New Years celebration again, sipping Ryan's Irish Cream and playing computer games. I remember the days when I used to like getting out and going to parties, but the notion holds little appeal for me now. I'm content having a quiet night with no drama, watching the world ring in the New Year via television, and plunking away on my keyboard trying to win a hand of solitaire, Hearts or finding hidden objects in a surreal setting.

Along holiday lines, Rainee and Kiki made out like bandits at Christmas. Rainee received a wool coat, red tee-shirt, personalized pillow and blanket, toys and treats. Kiki is fixated on her new mousy cat nip toys, and having recently gone into heat she has also brought temporary peace and tranquility to the household. Her latest favorite pastime is crawling under the Christmas tree and sleeping in a garment box.

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Rainee's new personalized pillow and blanket. Click on image to view larger size in a new window  Kiki under the Christmas tree. Click on image to view larger size in a new window

(Above, from left): Rainee's new bedding and Kiki's place under the tree.

Mum gave me two books, both from Coffeehouse Mystery author Cleo Coyle: French Pressed and Espresso Shot. In between computer games tomorrow night, I might try to squeeze in a bit of reading.

Aside from my surgery and recovery earlier this year, I found 2008 to be a rather productive and satisfying year. I'm happy with my work and my personal life, so what more can one ask for? Perhaps more of the same in the coming months?

Athbhliain faoi shéan agus faoi shona duit (a prosperous and happy New Year to you in Irish).

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