Frosty Sunday

Posted Sun, 11/22/09

It was 27 degrees Fahrenheit this morning (re: -3 Celsius). I love waking up to frost on the ground, but as has been typical lately the damned sun shines all day long. Where's the snow, for crying out loud? Where's winter, for that matter? I had my fill of the sun for eight long months of spring, summer and an unusually warm autumn. Enough is enough, already.

I'm off to see the hip doctor tomorrow, so hopefully before the year is up I will be on the road to a normal life. I'm anxious to move forward. Being in constant pain and unable to move about properly has made me feel as if my life is on hold, which is beyond frustrating. I want to get on with it.

Sometimes in bed at night, I think about where I want to be one year from now. I have many personal goals of course, most of which relate to writing, but one of the wishes at the top of my list is to finally become a resident of Maine. If not Maine, then I would settle for the general New England area. Although I have my heart set on Boothbay Harbor, I would probably consider the Boston area of Massachusetts if I had to.

Thankfully, dreams are free. I just wish they would come true once in awhile, especially before human decrepitude sets in.