Irish Eyes by Deborah O'Toole

November 2010


Humane Goodness

One of this year's winners of ASPCA's Humane Awards is a search and rescue dog named Pearl. She looks so much like Rainee I had to do a double-take. Give Pearl a red collar, and she and Rainee could be sisters.


A disabled cat named Henry was dubbed "Cat of the Year" by ASPCA. Henry is an amputee who inspired a series of children's books by Cathy Conheim, which promote understanding and compassion for people with disabilities.


While perusing more animal news this morning, I also saw an article about Operation Cats. This particular venture is ASPCA's effort to shine a light on a variety of issues, including spay/neuter solutions and animal homelessness.


Operation Cats offers game-players an opportunity to create their own "viral" cat.


Kiki's new page at Operation Cats


The above image is a screenshot of Kiki's new page at Operation Cats.


Entry posted Posted Friday, 19 November 2010


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