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Big Sea Euphoria

I have gone days and days without checking my e-mail, all thanks to a new online gaming site called Big Sea Games. The site is connected to Big Fish Games and is still in the beta stage, so anyone trying to join outside the Big Fish spectrum is put on a waiting list for the time being.


Big Sea GamesI have never been sidetracked by games for days before. Typically, the only thing that holds my attention without regard to the passage of time is writing. However, in recent days (or is it weeks?) I have been preoccupied with playing such online games as Suits Me Tri Peaks, Suits Me Pyramid and Oz Video Poker. I do not like interactive games (re: playing online with unknown people), so my game choices are perfect for me.


And it's not as if I donít have plenty of games on my computer, either. But the atmosphere and ease of Big Sea Games seems to make me happy for now, obviously to the neglect of my daily business.


For those who have multiple e-mail accounts for different purposes, you will understand it when I say my inboxes were full to the rafters when I checked them this morning.


On a side note update, I'm still taking medication for MRSA with an upcoming follow-up with my doctor the first week of November. I've noticed several changes and improvements since I began taking the meds, so I hope this is a good sign. Time will tell.


Entry posted Posted Wed, 21 October 2009


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