Telly Mumbles

Posted Fri, 10/05/07

Since relocating I haven't had time to watch most of my favorite television programs. Hopefully the dust will settle a bit more by next week so I can dig into new episodes of CSI, Criminal Minds, Law & Order, Law & Order SVU and Without a Trace. I also like Rescue Me, Medium and Monk, but I think they are off-season now.

There is always my favorite daytime stand-bys, General Hospital and reruns of Charmed. I turn the television on when its time for the shows, but I usually just listen to the dialogue in the background as I work.

Another oddity about moving to another part of the country is the numbering of the television stations. I had the channels down pat in Washington, but now I have to learn them all over again as the same stations have different channel numbers in this part of the world.