Mind Yer Matters

Posted Sun, 08/24/08

Here are a few tidbits for those of you who think "Big Brother" is no longer watching:

I'm a zealot about privacy. Not only about my financial doings, but I'm also a fanatic about my schedule and daily life as it were. I let fly some details about my personal life on the blog, but trust me the anecdotes are not nearly a fourth of the reality. I have always been obsessively private. I'm not sure where it comes from – unless being an only child counts for something. My life is my own business and I decide when and if to let someone in. It's not for others to judge or convey.

Since 9/11 personal "tracking" measures in the USA have increased, and justifiably so. However, I believe the current administration has also used it as an excuse to pry into the lives of its citizens without merit.