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I've been having trouble with my left-ear for several years, but always assumed it was the result of earwax buildup. Yes, I know it sounds unpleasant and is perhaps TMI (too much information), but it's the truth. Over-the-counter remedies typically contain peroxide, which I can't use because of my allergy to it.


Because of the other medical issues in my life over the past two years, I was reluctant to go to another doctor for any reason. In essence, for me to voluntarily seek more medical advice the current problem would have to be almost unbearable.


Image of the ear and surrounding areas. Click on image to see its larger size in a new window. Image copyright Good Dive. I finally went to an ear, nose and throat specialist yesterday. Fully expecting a "mechanical" procedure, I was surprised when the doctor told me my ears were clear and buildup was not the issue. He had me undertake a hearing test in a sound booth, which was quick and easy, and then informed me my hearing was 100% in both ears. In other words, my auditory is perfect. It was nice to receive good news for a change.


However, the Eustachian tube in my left ear is not functioning properly (re: Eustachian Tube Dysfunction). This accounts for my discomfort and the sense of buildup in the ear canal. I'm now taking Sudafed and administering nasal spray to treat the problem.


Why can't the medical afflictions interrupting my life ever be normal, or simply run-of-the-mill?


*Note: Image copyright Good Dive.


Entry posted Posted Wed, 11 Aug 2010


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