Irish Eyes by Deborah O'Toole


Multiple Nickers

I have another new picture of Rainee, lounging on my bed as usual:


"Tweeter" on my bed (July 2009). Click on image to see larger size in a new window.

Click on image to see larger size in a new window.


She has changed her preferences from three mismatched pillows to one particular Martha Stewart pillow - as long as she is comfortable.


I'm one to give multiple nicknames to my animals, and somehow they know and answer to all of them.


Foofer was also known as Barbarosa, Rosa, pumpkin pie, tinker-boo, honey-bunny, love-cake, baby-caker, Fooferoni, love muffin, sugar-britches and bug-bag.


Kiki is Keek, Keeker, Keekster, Kee-Koo, Koo-Koo, Mini Ka-Ka, Kick, Kickstart and Kakester.


Rainee is also known as Ray-Ray, Lil' Ray, Ree, Rainer, Sweety-Pea, Twinkle Toes, Little Missy, Raindrop, Her Royal Nibs, Girlie-Q, and Miss Tweety (variations: Tweety, Tweeter), which is a childlike play on "Sweety."


Entry posted Posted Sun, 9 August 2009