Money Sludge

Posted Wed, 07/23/08

Considering the disastrous state of our economy at the moment, it stands to reason that most of us are seriously tightening our belts. Fuel, food, real estate and common daily purchases have skyrocketed into an incomprehensible realm.

Expenses can add up fast, even the little luxuries we sometimes allow ourselves.

Frankly, I'd rather have several cups of coffee and skip breakfast and lunch altogether to save money. Since I rarely eat breakfast, it's not such a hardship. As for cigarettes, find me a qualifying substitute for soothing rattled nerves and I'll quit in an instant. Since I'm not keen on becoming addicted to prescription medication, I see no end in sight right now.

Other common expenses (alcohol, bottled water, manicures, car washes, weekday lunches out, vending machine snacks and unused gym memberships) do not apply to my daily life on a regular basis.

Some economists harp about people over-using their credit cards to get by, citing sky-high interest rates. With a rough and tumble Republican-fueled American economy, how else can people get out of a jam except by using a credit card - if they are lucky enough to possess one not already bloated with charges?

You do what you have to do in order to survive, plain and simple.