Lazy Spell

Posted Sun, 07/01/12

I was so tempted to stay in bed this morning. I awoke refreshed, but the bed, fuzzy covers and the presence of Kiki was very comfortable and I didn't want to move. I drifted in and out for about thirty minutes before finally getting up to start the day. Sometimes the lure of fresh coffee is stronger than the desire to remain abed.

Now that I've had my quota of caffeine and a good brunch, I'd like nothing better than to return to the comfort of my bed to lounge, read and watch television.

The heat has been utterly unbearable for the last week. Outside air is dry, dusty and ugly - with no apparent end in sight. The idea of returning to bed under the central-air vent and in the path of a softly whirring fan is almost too much for me to resist.

See ya later...

Tags: Kiki