Recovery Update

Posted Sun, 06/22/08

Last week went fast. I had the titanium staples removed on Wednesday (no pain there, surprise), but I've been feeling run-down nonetheless. I'm off pain meds but I'm still sleepy most of the day, and I can't seem to get enough rest. The doctor explained this as normal post-operative recovery where the body becomes deplete from a stay in the hospital and all the other delightful things that happen during the course of the same. I'm now ingesting multi-purpose vitamins to rectify that situation.

Aside from a few other minor but annoying complications, I have to admit I'm doing very well. The issue that needed resolve from the get-go is now fixed, thank God, and I expressed gratitude to my doctor many times over last week.

I told him: "If I was able to have children, I would give you my first-born as payment."

He snorted. "No thanks. It (the kid) would probably be just like you."

He had an assistant remove the staples as he watched over the procedure, telling me quite calmly: "I'm now applying hydrogen peroxide to clean the incision."

My doctor knows very well that I'm severely allergic to peroxide, so I raised an eyebrow at him and said: "You're quite the funny man today, aren't you?"

The assistant looked horrified, taking the matter seriously, while my doctor simply chortled with sadistic delight.

Is it any wonder I trust and like my doctor? After so many hits and misses through the years with incompetents and physicians with a God-complex, it's a grand change to find someone who knows what they are doing, with a sense of humor to boot.