Sudden Storm

Posted Wed, 06/14/06

We had an incredible thunderstorm and rainstorm yesterday, the same day my parents arrived for their visit. Luckily, they were coming from their hotel in Missoula, Montana and missed the worst of it, but Wilbert managed to take some pictures as the storm was in full swing in our area.

Click on the pictures to see larger size in a new window:

A view of the storm from our back door/kitchen window (06/13/06). Click on picture to see larger size in a new window.   A view of the street in front of our house during the storm (06/13/06). Click on picture to see larger size in a new window.

It started all of a sudden with loud claps of thunder and lightening, followed by torrential rain. It went at a steady pace for almost forty-five minutes, flooding the streets and parts of our backyard. There was also dime-sized hail mixed in. Some of the freeway exits into the city were closed because they flooded at the lower off-ramps, and people were warned via radio and television news to stay indoors.

My parents arrived about an hour later, having only experienced light rainfall on their route. I'm just happy they are here safe and sound, and now we can enjoy our time together.

Wilbert is a novice with the digital camera, but he did get some good shots of the downpour.

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