New Web Toy

Posted Thu, 06/01/06

Since Front Page is on it's way out (but not unusable), Microsoft has created new web design software dubbed Expression Web Designer. Currently in the beta stage, the download and "trial" are free for the time being. No price or date for the "official" software release has been disclosed.

I've used Front Page for more than four years. Expression has much the same layout, but the program has beaucoup tools not to be found within Front Page. However, I was a bit disappointed with the sluggishness of the Expressions software, considering I have more than 120 GB memory on my computer. Selecting menu items and CSS options inside Expression also more often than not locks up the program, forcing a control-alt-delete exit.

Hopefully Microsoft will issue a few Expression updates before the software is officially released. I look forward to learning all the whys and wherefores of the program as soon as the little bugs are fixed.

Tags: Web Design/Computer Misc