Freebie Fonts

Posted Thu, 05/29/08

Free fonts from the web site Simply the Best...

Bijou is an industrial font with the letters embedded in film slides:

Bijou font

Bonnet is a Christmas holiday font with the letters wearing a Santa hat:

Bonnet font

The Corleone font resembles the lettering used for the Godfather movies:

Corleone font

The Liberation Sans font can be used as a substitute for Arial, Albany, Helvetica, Nimbus Sans L and Bitstream Vera Sans:

Liberation Sans font

Ringbearer is a movie font based on the lettering of the movie title The Lord of the Rings:

Ringbearer font

The Underworld font is based on the font used for the movie Underworld Evolution:

Underworld font

USA Flag is an all CAPS font with the characters designed with stars and stripes, resembling the famous American flag:

USA Flag font

The fonts are not viewable by those who do not already have them on their system, so I embedded text onto images for the displays above.

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