Folderol from DC

Posted Sat, 05/19/07

Is this a surprise in wake of his disastrous presidency?

  • The Elephant in the Room: George W. Bush has lowest presidential approval rating in a generation, and the leading Democrats beat every major '08 Republican. Coincidence? (MSNBC link no longer valid)

On that note, the first Republican Debate was a joke to say the least. It seems today's conservatives only have Ronald Reagan to rely on as a roll model. Why do they have to reach back almost twenty years to find a suitable peer to base their "intellectual" and sometimes overly zealous-fervent pleas to the cameras?

Again, as I've said many times before, I am resentful that politicians – whether they are Democrat or Republican – assume that the American people are complete idiots. We know contrived performances when we see them, and we know failure and incompetence by others when we live and suffer though the consequences of it.

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