Popish Delight

Posted Fri, 04/18/08

I've been pleasantly surprised by recent news coverage of the Pope's visit to my country. Like most American Catholics, I haven't experienced much exposure to Benedict XVI since he became Pope in 2005. However, seeing him reach out to the masses and witnessing his overall reception is heartwarming.

It doesn't seem fair for the media to compare Pope Benedict XVI with his predecessor, John Paul II. Inevitably comparisons will be made, but it's like contrasting apples and oranges. John Paul was the once-in-a-lifetime Pope, who possessed a dynamic personality and a particular insight and affinity for those who were suffering, no matter their religion.

Outwardly, the current Pope seems to possess none – or very little – of these qualities, even though he may be all of those things. However, it does not come across as it did with John Paul.

Yet in his own, quiet fashion Benedict XVI has shown his caring and concern, most especially with abuse victims, and his commitment to peace is to be lauded. If only his words could be turned into tangible action in quick order the world would be a much better place.