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Spook into Summer

I've been looking forward to the broadcast of Harper's Island for weeks. Judging from Thursday night's first episode, I know I will enjoy the series. I love spooky, mystery thrillers so the new series is just my cup of tea.


At this early stage, the only thing I wish was artistically different is the inclusion of young women in semi-states of dress. I want the mystery and drama, not a peep show. But, like in most horror shows, there always seems to be a mindless blonde prancing about until she gets knocked off by the killer.


From Wikipedia:

The television show [Harper's Island] is a horror/drama, described as Scream meets And Then There Were None (the mystery novel by Agatha Christie).


The central plot is a murder mystery. Friends and family attending a wedding celebration on a secluded island off the coast of Seattle die one-by-one. The island was also the scene of a famous series of murders seven years prior.

However, the frequency of the commercial ads is spoiling the entire program. Twelve minutes into the first episode, the initial round of ads started and seven minutes thereafter until the end of the broadcast. With the current state of the economy, who has the money to buy what the advertisers are pushing?


I'll probably continue to watch the series each week until it's finale in July, although if the ads ramp up I'll likely wait until the program is released on DVD before finishing it off.


Entry posted Posted Sun, 12 Apr 2009


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