Meds List

Posted Sat, 04/10/10

I'm presently on three post-surgery medications: Oxycodone (pills for pain); Promethazine (for nausea, which I rarely use), and Lovenox (injections to prevent blood clots, twice daily).

I was given Lovenox injections by nurses in the hospital, but since home I've been doing them myself twice a day. I've never given myself shots before, although I saw Wilbert inject himself plenty with insulin over the years.

The Lovenox injections come in disposable syringes with very thin, almost transparent needles. The shots go into the stomach and I barely feel them, thank God. Afterward, one must continue to push the plunger away from the body so that a protective plastic tube pops out to cover the used needle. It's quite neat and tidy.

In fact, I find the shots easier than the pills. I gag easily and always have, so anything in pill form puts me off. The pills always seem to stick in my throat no matter how much water I swallow, thus the gagging.

The Oxycodone takes the edge off the present dull pain in my hip, but other than that the meds only make me a tad sleepy. I try to avoid painkillers during the day, but do indulge myself at night otherwise I would never find comfort in my bed.