Birthday Babies Lunch

Posted Mon, 04/03/06

Last Friday was the collective birthday of both my pooches, Foofer and Rainee. They were born on the same day, but in different years (1997 and 2002, respectively).

We bought them each a special lunch of teriyaki chicken and rice from the Kyoto Restaurant near our home, and they received squeaky toys and other treats throughout the day.

My Mum telephoned, singing "Happy Birthday" to the babies over the line. She also sent birthday cards and money for lunch, with rubber squeak toys. We aren't besotted dog lovers, are we? Foofer and Rainee are Mum's only grandkids, so it stands to reason.

I've had Foofer since he was six weeks old, and we found Rainee through the SpokAnimal Humane Society when she was eight weeks old. The fact that she was born on the same day as Foofer caught my eye, not to mention her adorable yet defiant little face.

Foofer is part Husky and quite large, but is sweet and gentle unless he feels threatened. Rainee is petite and small-boned, but she is full of the devil and constantly trying to prove her dominance over all of us.

We are quite the little family. I am very happy with my "babies" and I love them to bits.

Happy Birthday to my baby boy and the little ray

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