Lesson Acquired

Posted Thu, 03/20/08

To quote a friend of mine:

Human love is fickle, but a dog's love never dies.

- Sue Owens Wright

It's true. One can marry and divorce multiple times, think each marriage is finally "the one," but then it goes the way of the others. The "undying" declarations of love mystify me, too. How can one love another person, then bitterly hate them, followed by complete emotional void after the divorce is final? To do that, and to feel that way, indicates there was no real love present in the first place. It's either infatuation or lust, no two ways about it.

But you always know where you stand with a dog, with no mind games afoot. Canine loyalty is perhaps the purest form of unconditional love I have ever known, and that includes the men I may have dated and/or married. There are never any strings attached or hidden agendas when one deals straight turkey with a dog.

It's not such a tragic realization, either.

Think about it: In marriage or a serious relationship, several things eventually but inevitably happen: lack of interest, disrespect, taking the other for granted, hostility, long periods of non-communication, harsh judgment, and feelings of doubt. There also comes a point during marriage where either one or both partners feel the need to get away, to be alone, and in fact begin to prefer their "alone" time rather than being with the one they profess to love.

There is no such rancor with a dog. They accept you as you are, passing no vengeful judgment whatsoever. They are grateful for every little thing you do for them, they listen to what you have to say, they are always happy to see you, and they are never uninterested.

What about sex, one may ask? A romp in the hay is not worth the anger and resentment that comes with marriage or a serious relationship. Months or years of misery and disappointment do not compare to a peaceful life with someone who takes you as is, with no unrealistic expectations and no questions asked.

Another good friend of mine gave over an accurate description of me a few weeks ago:

You will only be happy with a man who is your equal, not scared to spend time alone and do his own thing and give you space, one who does not expect anything more than you are willing to give at any given time.

I shall never be satisfied with anything less. Take it or leave it.

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