Act of Kindness

Posted Tue, 03/16/10

A complete stranger paid for my groceries today. For those who read my blog on a regular basis or even those who stop by infrequently, most know I have a rather cynical view of people and the human race in general. I'm of the opinion that most folks have a selfish agenda no matter what they appear to do for others, and are thereby not to be trusted.

However, a large chunk of my cynicism went out the window today when, as I mentioned, a complete stranger paid for my groceries this morning. I had just left my dentist's office and decided to go to the store to buy some food for Rainee and Kiki, and a few items for myself. For the last three days I've experienced some dizziness that is unlike me (caused by stress more than likely), so by the time I finished going around the store leaning on the shopping cart, my back and hip were killing me and my head was swimming. I was truly struggling, not just physically but mentally as well. Some days the pain is too excruciating for words, and it wears down my spirit.

I think my grocery bill was between $25 and $27 (all of this went fast so I'm not sure). I swiped my card in the debit machine and it came back with something akin to "transaction complete." I asked the cashier if I needed to swipe my card again because the debit machine did not ask me for my signature or a pin number, which it usually does. She said no, someone had already paid for my groceries.

I was in total shock, of course. I don't really know anyone here apart from my family, and no one was with me in the store. Suddenly the man in line behind me came forward and said: "Your groceries are paid for, please have a nice day" (or something along those lines). The first words out of my mouth were: "Who are you?" I wasn't overly suspicious, but rather outright dumbfounded.

The man looked familiar, but I could not place him. He wouldn't tell me who he was, but I thanked him anyway (a few times at least!). He told me to enjoy my day, so I moved on - but not before I asked the man bagging groceries: "Who was that?"

Come to find out the man was a local meteorologist named Kevin Eubank from KSL Television, who reports the weather weekday evenings. I was vague about who he was because I don't typically watch the local news. I'm sure he would rather remain anonymous if not telling me his identity in the store was any indication, but I feel his deed of kindness deserves note and warrants my public appreciation. His selfless and remarkable act could not have come at a better time for me.

Therefore, I have to admit – with a great deal of surprise – there is some decency and humanity left in my part of the world. I am exceedingly grateful for it on this day.