At Present Bay

Posted Fri, 03/06/09

I've been terrible about blogging in the last month. I have no excuse for it, other than I just haven't been interested. I can say the lack of posts has left me with lots of time to write otherwise, which is more of a priority for me anyway.

The days have been blending together without care or concern, although by nightfall I'm inordinately tired and simply wrung out. This may have more to do with the pain in my bones at the moment, but I've recently had a consultation with an orthopedic specialist. Hopefully he can find a way to fix me, and then I'll be almost as good as new apart from the pain in my teeth.

Some days, I feel ninety years old although I'm decades away from that milestone. As long as I can keep writing, I'll try to hold the pain at bay and continue to rock on.

I've been keeping up on my Facebook page, though...