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Posted Sat, 03/03/12

According to a recent study undertaken by the Book Industry Study Group: "People who read e-books are buying more books - both print and e-books - online and via apps and buying fewer books at bricks-and-mortar stores."

The information comes from the Book Industry Study Group's Consumer Attitudes Toward E-Book Reading Survey, conducted by Bowker Market Research.

More from the study results:

More than half of e-book readers used apps more to purchase books, and more than a third increased the use of general retail websites such as Amazon. This increase apparently came at the expense of bricks-and-mortar stores: more than a third of e-book users said they have decreased spending at chains and 29% are buying less at independent bookstores.

Progressions in technology simply cannot be denied, even by those who seem to be rooted in the print-book experience. The stubborn mind-set reminds me of my parent's generation, many of whom refuse to accept the new "norm" and frequently bemoan the disappearance of the "good old days." I'd rather not go backward, thank you.

Other findings in the BISG study:

  • While still favored by a majority of e-book readers, dedicated e-reader devices are slowly losing popularity. Some 60.9% of respondents prefer e-readers, down from 71.6% in the previous survey.

  • Almost 17% of respondents prefer tablets for e-reading, up from 13%.

  • Smartphones similarly rose, to 9.2% from 5.3%.

Thanks to Shelf Awareness (February 29th "pro" issue) for linking to the study.

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