Creepy Creeps Beware

Posted Sun, 02/24/08

Ever since I logged a page at My Space last month, I have received some of the strangest messages from men (and at least two women). One would think My Space was a "sicko" dating network, although that wasn't my impression in the beginning. For the most part I receive normal messages from friends, but at least twice a week I get notes from a variety of different men who claim they are looking for the "right woman" and I must be it - along with what they think to be subtle hints in the sexual direction.

I don't have a page at My Space in order to get a date, nor am I interested in bullshit declarations from men (or women for that matter). Those I trust and care for are few and far between, and my affection is well known to them.

Removing the page at My Space is an option, but as long as I can ignore and/or delete the undesirables and their messages I will continue to remain. Besides, why should I let some freaks spoil the fun I'm having with genuine friends?

Note to any nefarious males (or females) wandering through: If you're thinking of sending me a message at My Space and you're a man/woman on the prowl, think carefully before you do so. I don't suffer subhuman fools gladly.

Note: Deborah has since deleted her page at My Space.