Smattering Sunday

Posted Sun, 02/03/08

No Super Bowl for me today. Unless the Oakland Raiders are playing, I'm not much interested in watching the game.

One goof thing about Super Bowl Sunday is other television networks compensate by showing "marathons" of various programs, one of which is Law & Order (SVU and Criminal Intent) on USA. I don't plan on watching the tube all day, but will listen in the background as I always do with smatterings of MSNBC in between.

Then there will be a trip to the store for "baby" food. Since I'm not overly thrilled with shopping, I tend to stock up on food for Rainee and Kiki to last at least two weeks, with a few things thrown in for myself. My only interest in the store these days includes coffee, jugs of Arizona Iced Tea with Lemon and computer (et al) supplies.

The wind is howling here today, so I think a nice pot of hot tea is in order, too. I used to like toasted crumpets with hot tea, but haven't been able to find them for quite awhile. Crumpets remind me of spongy English Muffins, but are delicious toasted with a bit of butter or blueberry jam.