Advert Weary

Posted Mon, 02/02/09

I know the economy is bad at the moment, but it's about time people wised-up and saved their money instead of paying for over-priced items that only seems to fill the coffers of greedy retailers:

There must be some retailers with fistfuls of cash because the advertisements on television have ramped up beyond reason. The local news in my area used to end right at 5:30 and went straight into the NBC Nightly News. Not anymore. The local news now ends their broadcast in normal fashion at 5:26, with the four minutes before NBC Nightly News inundated with non-stop commercial advertisements.

Thank God for the mute button. The more retailers or other companies advertise, in essence shoving their products or services down the throats of consumers, the less likely I am to purchase what they are peddling or to inquire about their services.

I don't turn on the television to watch ads. I'm heartily sick and tired of them, and it's reached the point where I no longer watch stations or networks with unusually high allocations of commercials. What's the point? If I can't watch a program without the constant ad interference, I'd rather not watch at all.

It's a good thing I have a large collection of books and DVD's, which are more enjoyable at any rate.