Shut-In Mass

Posted Sun, 01/29/06

This morning I happened to catch the televised Sunday Mass at the University of Notre Dame's Basilica of the Sacred Heart. I wouldn't mind going to services in my own parish except for crowds, so instead I opted to watch it on the tube.

The ceremony was familiar and soothing, but it also brought back memories. When I lived in Idaho with husband #2, I used to watch "Mass for the Shut-Ins" regularly, although I was not then nor am I now a shut-in. I was baptized and raised Catholic, but my childhood was not overly religious and I've never been a consistent churchgoer. I'm what one of my friends once described as a "C & E Catholic" (Christmas and Easter).

Still, this morning's Mass from the Basilica of the Sacred Heart provided peace and serenity to my day.