Kitchen Print Patterns

Posted Sat, 01/14/06

Seattle is nearing a record in rainfall, and I'm almost certain Spokane can't be far behind. Although we're not having the same problems as the Emerald City, the last three weeks have brought steady rainfall each day apart from last Monday and Tuesday when we had a bit of measly sunlight.

Our backyard walkway to the gate is a mud path, and the dogs seem to purposely wade through it. When they come back into the house, I try to catch them at the back door and wipe them down but more often than not Rainee darts by and smears mud on the kitchen floor. The pattern is always the same – paw prints through the kitchen to the living room, one set small and dainty, and the other large and wide. Even though I have rugs on the kitchen floor, Foofer and Rainee still manage to leave their marks in a shoulder-to-shoulder trail.

Other than the fact that the paw prints are left by mud, they form a cute pattern. If I ever get an extra bedroom perhaps I'll give it over to the dogs, complete with a couple of couches and a linoleum floor with a paw print design.

Tags: Foofer; Rainee