Shoppers Ire

Posted Thu, 01/08/09

These are a few reasons why I detest shopping in all its public hellacious forms:

  • In K-Mart the other day I picked up two jugs of iced tea but found that all the check-out lanes were closed, forcing shoppers to use the customer service counter to pay for their items. The line was long, naturally. The woman in front of me had a shopping cart full of goods, while I tapped my foot impatiently behind her with my two jugs of tea. She pretended to ignore me. Fine and dandy. When the woman finally finished unloading her cart and the cashier rang her up, she then proceeded to write a bank draft rather than using her debit card. She was very slow about it, too, but that wasn't the worst of it. Before she handed the check over to the cashier she painstakingly wrote the transaction down in her check register and totaled her checkbook. For crying out loud, don't normal people balance their checkbooks on their own time rather than in a check-out line that yawns like a deep chasm behind them?

  • With the advent of women taking control of their own lives, men somehow assume that common courtesy is no longer necessary. They don't hold doors anymore, and they scuttle ahead of others to get in line rather than let anyone in ahead of them – all the while pretending they are oblivious to their actions. I've always known that men have little common sense and tend to make much ado about nothing, but the lack of civility is just sour icing on an already bitter cake. These are not isolated incidents, either. It happens nearly every time I venture into a public place or a store of any kind.

  • People using cell phones in store aisles drive me insane. All I want to do is get into the store, get my stuff and get out. Cell phone users somehow think they are the only people in the store, and they will stop mid-aisle to make or take a call, not caring if they are blocking everyone else from going about their business.

  • Check-out lines are scarce as stores trim their staff. I'm the type of shopper that knows what I want before I go to the store. I get my items quickly and try to make a hasty exit, but that has become a rarity these days whether I have two items or twenty. Phooey!

All right, then. That's enough negative folderol for the month.